All available
sources of data

in one place

As no single data stream is complete, Brand Fibres is the perfect integration of all available digital data concerning your brand.

100% complete social listening streams, web and social analytics, corporate and campaign feeds are utilized to provide a complete online brand picture.

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Human assisted
analysis and

Every piece of identified content, every relevant reference, every important source – analysed, tagged and prepared to provide an enormous searchable database of brand-relevant assets.

Human assisted analysis gives you relevant insights and confidence that, when a crisis happens, Brand Fibres will give you a real-time alert and a response recommendation.

Moreover, you can measure and evaluate your digital customer care activities.

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In a time when we need clarity, intelligence and understanding, Brand Fibres provides relevant online data, brand metrics and data overlays.

The fully customized dashboard provides drag and drop elements and real-time displays - keeping you in control and in the loop at all times.

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